Come on in and see Stanley for all of your Mass State & DOT inspection needs!

Please call to make an appointment for all DOT Inspections.

Regular Yearly Vehicle inspections do not require an appointment. The cost is $35 and each regular car inspection takes 10-15 minutes. Large trucks and Commercial Vehicles take longer. Please make sure you have both license plates attached to vehicle when required, and have your registration ready.

We accept cash, check, and most debit and credit cards.

We now accept American Express.

Read below on how to save time on your yearly inspection!



Ways to save time and cut lines:

* Come in the middle of the month. Most people don't remember that their Car Inspection is due until it's the end of the month, or put it off until then. Don't wait. The first and last week of every month is the busiest.

* Have it serviced at the same time. Some places will service your car and bring your car to have it inspected for you! Hawley's Auto Repair on 345 Shaker Rd in East Longmeadow provides this service - 413-525-8750. Drop it off, and it's all done for you! 

* Check your car ahead of time. Take a look to make sure all of your lights are working, your headlights are clear and in working order, your parking break holds, wipers work, that you have wiper fluid, make sure you have your registration handy and that it's not expired, check that your check engine light isn't on, look to see if your license plate is not faded, worn, or illegible at 30ft, and not crinkled, and make sure the little sticker on your license plate is there. 

* Come early. We are open for inspection stickers bright and early. Be here at 7 and park in between the lines that say inspection. Stanley will be right out!

* Drop it off. Some people opt to drop it off before work and pick it up after. Call and ask for Stanley!

* Take a walk! The East Longmeadow Bike path is right behind our building. While your car is being inspected, go for a walk!

* We have WIFI!

* Go to and read up on all of the new regulations.